Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is More Better?

I recently read a popular blog where the the author says he has over 40 titles on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble. Very prolific. There are all kinds of works from short stories to collaborations to novels. I like this author and have read many of his works. But does that kind of production make it more of a business than an art? Is that how it should be?

I keep thinking of that line in Jurassic Park "...just because we can, doesn't mean we should..." But I also think of "...those that can, should..."

Back in the day, if a writer released two books in a year, it was an anomaly, a freak of nature. Now, for some, and you know who you are, it's one every two to three months, ignoring all of the previous taboos involved in this business.
No production concerns, no agent to slow down the process, and NO gatekeeper persona to sift through. Just write and publish. Write and publish. Write and publish.

Is this new wave a good thing for the publishing world? More specifically, the indie world?
Tell me what you think.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Start to the Blog thing...

I Started Over...

I've dedicated myself to restarting this blog. The first few entries were about my journey into publishing, but there are only about a billion people doing the same thing...such a rookie... so I'm going a different direction.
I'm pretty sure there are some wonderful stories out there, so instead of reading about me...well at least ALL of the time, I'm going to let you begin to read about others, authors and readers. In the 35 days since I published Caribbean Moon , I've met some absolutely wonderful folks. I had no idea writers, indie (independent) and legacy writers, were so supportive. Being an ex-jock, I suspected there was nothing but guantlets of competion laid down hourly and may the best writer, author, win. Once again, I was wife would never believe what just came out of my keyboard. I don't ask for directions, either. :)
So in the coming weeks, time permiting, you're going to get the opportunity to meet some extraordinary folks with unique journeys and dream destinations. I hope they grow to mean as much to you as they have to me and that you discover some truly talented writers not named King, Patterson, Robb, and, of course, Murcer!